Welcome to Ocean Academy. An open-source digital learning hub for teachers and parents to bring the Ocean and its importance to the classroom. Introduced by Sir David Attenborough, get involved and sign up to receive free access to a variety of lesson plans and engagement days.

Relearn Plastic

Our approach is to develop the ability to be creative, problem-solving, critical thinkers. The big question is: can we learn to live sustainably with plastic?

We currently have two ways you can get involved :

NEW Ocean Discovery Days: STEM-based challenges for 11 –14 year olds (Key Stage 3) that can be run both in and outside the classroom, with 3 bespoke videos introduced by Sir David Attenborough. Watch the videos and download a sample worksheet below to get a taster of the full challenge.

Ready-to-run Lesson Plans for 5 to 16 year olds for STEM subjects and beyond. Written by teachers for teachers. 

Discover intriguing facts and insights about Our OceanWhat is Plastic and the impact of Plastic Pollution on our environment by watching these three educational films. Created by Jo Ruxton (Producer of ‘A Plastic Ocean’ and Blue Planet) with intro messages by from Sir David Attenborough.

This STEM worksheet is based on our #PointlessPlastic Ocean Discovery Day and will take children from 11-14 on a Plastic Treasure Hunt to explore how plastic is used in their home or community (over 14s are of course welcome to join in too!). Get informed, get active and make a change!

Get involved and download our resources today


Improve the value of plastic waste in your school or community and help prevent plastic from reaching the ocean.


Evaluate the plastics in your school or community and create alternative solutions. 


Find out where plastic is escaping into your environment – and design a solution that blocks its path to the Ocean.

If you are a teacher, access a whole range of lesson plans for 11 – 16 year olds that deliver core curriculum objectives ready for you to pick up and deliver.

For Primary pupils, make use of STEM challenges that are accredited by the British Science Association. For Secondary, subject-specific lesson plans will get students engaged with plastic through Sciences, Design Technology, Geography, Maths and English

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